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Puppers, one of my most favorite hiking partners!

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Our dogs are a very important part of the family. Yes, we treat them like people. They are allowed to lounge on the couches, sleep on our bed and ride in the car. One dog thinks he can help himself to the refrigerator, but was soon deterred from this act by installing baby locks on fridge and cabinets. We do have some boundaries, and this is one of them.

I have a great respect for animals and they should be treated with kindness and love.

Brief History on each dog:
Puppers (AKA, Cleveland): Part Basset Hound and Golden Retriever, born in July of 1999. We acquired him when he was 6 weeks old in August from the Pima Indian Reservation in Arizona. I hate to pick favorites, but Puppers is just that. Why is Puppers my favorite? Because he is perfect in many ways. He has a wonderful disposition, gentle and kind. He is adorable and very affectionate and is very sociable. I trained him when he was a puppy, and he has grown very attached to me.

Puppers favorite dog things to do: Following me around the house, being the #1 dog, lounging, going to the park, chasing balls and hiking. He has no bad habits. Do you think counter-surfing and pulling homemade BBQ chicken pizza off the counter is a bad habit?

Flagg - My husband can give you the details, but here is my position on this dog. First of all, he is a freak of nature. If anyone has had a beagle, or had a friend who has a Beagle, you will understand "the freak of nature" label. I don't wish any demise on this dog, matter-of-fact, I sorta like him, it's a love-hate relationship.

Flaggs favorite dog things to do: Growling, being nasty, snorting like a pig, acting like a hyena, barking at cute innocent children, stealing food from the fridge, jumping on the kitchen table when nobody is around, eating dirt and performing binge and purge like acts in the most unlikely places. Flag also has a tendency to become preoccupied with the disgusting habit of chewing the part of the body near his tail...

Salem - Oh My God! If you want a dog that sheds, Salem is your dog! Her hair drifts around the house like tumble weed. She sheds enough hair in one day to go to the moon and back! She doesn't wag her tail, she wags her whole body and knocks everything down in her path. She is obsessed with food, she needs to be on the Iron Chef on the Food Network because she is always in the kitchen when we are cooking.

We acquired Salem at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter in Mesa, Arizona when she was 2.

Salem's favorite dog things to do: eating crayon's (our back yard looks like an array of vibrant colors sometimes)and digging through the bathroom garbage.