Me and Puppers

Hello, my name is Heidi and I moved to Arizona July 25th in 1996. I am originally from New Hampshire. I took a vacation out here in 1995 in which I hiked the Grand Canyon, Humphrey's Peak and did a little site seeing in between. I loved it here so much, I moved the following year. The move out here was uneventful, I drove a 17ft. U-haul and towed a full length trailer in which my car was on. My sister tagged along with us, "us" being my 7 yr old son at the time and my 4 cats. It took just barely 3 days for the trek, and was quite the "ride".

I am happily married and have two children, an 8 year old daughter and 19 year old son. We have a boat load of animals, 3 dogs and 3 cats, but that is our limit. I feel like a kennel employee on my days off from work.

I am currently in school for a Masters in Science of Nursing - Education focus. I will be complete this latest endeavor late 2009. I am a strong believer in education and feel stagnant if I am not learning new stuff.

I have a immense love for the outdoors and I am an avid hiker and I love to mountain bike as well. I am involved in a few organizations to support them and volunteer in the environment to make difference.

I also volunteer to teach art at a local elementary school as well because I love art and I love to see kids love art. It is such a wonderful feeling to see them create from their imagination.

Here are a list of some other things I love to do:
- Spending time with family
- Hiking/backpacking/biking
- Walking or hiking with my dogs, I love animals!
- Drawing - Media of choice pastels and colored pencils
- Reading (mostly reading to increase my knowledge in my chosen profession, but I am a news junkie as well!)
- Photography (no, I don't consider myself a photographer, but I do love to document my loved ones and hikes that I have done!)
- Computers and any cool gadgets
- Anything outdoors!

Email me, I check my email frequently